Hi, I’m Laura Petersen.

I’m a big nerd for teaching and learning, but believe our educational system doesn’t teach what people really need to know. Plus, I like working in my pajamas. [Not pictured 😜].

So, I turned to entrepreneurism.

I’m a digital nomad, teacher with a Master’s degree, podcaster, and as of 11/28/16 I can claim the title  #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author. Boom! 🔥 Oh, and I’m newly vegan too.

[And that’s my sidekick, Tuck, the International Dog of Mystery aka #ChillAsTuck] →

I love helping others get more industry authority and sales through:
– podcasting
– becoming a best-selling author
– and, of course, clear copy that pops!

Wanna talk more?

I’m on here the most:



Copywriting & Podcast Production
Currently, I am not taking on new private clients because I’m focusing on a few 1-on-1 slots helping people hit Amazon Best-Seller (as they go through the course above). Email me for details: info@copythatpops.com

Need even more help with branding, crowdfunding, and PR?
Check out Accelerant Media Group, where I’m a co-founder with Brandon T. Adams, Andrew Zalasky, and Mike Silvestri.


  • Participant from Podcasting Seminar held in Lemnos, Greece

  • Fellow Entrepreneur and Now Podcaster

  • Former Student from My High School Teaching Days

  • Happy Podtent Marketing Client

  • Connector.

    Tanner Gers, Founder of Creative Success Podcast

    “WOWZERS Laura! Thanks so much for your feedback and awesome advice on my landing pages. My developer was absolutely correct about the value you brought to the table. Ok, let’ see if my testimony does this justice…
    ‘Laura’s expertise brightly shines through all the holes she found in my landing page. These are the holes that are causing my traffic to lose interest, get distracted, and click away. Laura helped me realize how my copy isn’t talking to anyone and how to talk exactly to the person who will buy. It’s not just copy, but it’s images, it’s fonts, and it’s the whole process from start to finish. Here’s the deal. If you want to convert more traffic, then you hire Laura.’
    Thanks so so so much.”

  • Connector.

    Melissa Sue Tucker, CEO OCW Productions

    I so appreciate you, Laura. Thank you for all the insight you have given me to improve my messaging and increase my traffic and conversions for my podcast and business as a whole.

  • Connector.

    Keya Williams, Founder of Nourished Motherhood

    I never would have considered editing my sales emails the way that Laura did. Her suggestions were thoughtful and right on point, especially her suggestion to space out and make the longer emails more readable! I can’t wait to implement her suggestions and see how it improves my conversions!

  • Connector.

    Heidi Koffman, CEO of Hippie Hobby & Host of Not Okay Today Podcast

    Your templates and fillable worksheets are a life saver. They are fun like madlibs and take the stress out of crafting good emails, descriptions, and web pages.